About us

The Agricultural Cooperative of Kalyves consists of five families. Coming from three generations of farmers and with a lot of hard work, we have managed to be able to produce 3,000 tonnes of Green Chalkidiki Olives, always respecting the land.

Our cooperative processes only our own olives, and aided by our know-how and by the experience of our collaborators we manage to produce high quality products. It is not by chance that within three years we have managed to establish ourselves both in the Greek and the European market.

Every single product complies with the national and international legal specifications as to the safety and hygiene of food. We farm 50,000 olive trees in almost 2,000 stremmas of private land, implementing all the contemporary methods of farming, such as GLOBALGAP and ISO22000:2005. During the last ten years, we have invested more than 2.000.000 euros in order to implement all the contemporary methods of farming.